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Oklahoma drug offense lawyers    

Oklahoma Drug Offenses Defense Lawyers

The Oklahoma City Based Criminal Defense Lawyers at Marco Palumbo & Associates are extremely familiar with Oklahoma Drug Charges Defense Strategies. Our highly experienced Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers understand that criminal charges can be confusing, devastating, frightening and life-changing.
Drug Crimes are taken Very seriously here in Oklahoma.  Drugs are codified in statute as controlled dangerous substances (“CDS”).  The majority of Oklahoma drug laws are felony crimes.  Punishment for a drug conviction ranges from a misdemeanor conviction to mandatory life without the possibility of parole.
If you have been charged with any Drug Offense in Oklahoma, contact the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers at the Law Firm of Marco Palumbo & Associates immediately, before you talk with the police, district attorney, jail staff or anyone else.

You need experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers on your side to be sure that your rights are protected, the evidence against you was obtained legally, and all proceedings are conducted properly. Many defenses are available, and contacting an experienced attorney as soon as possible provides the best opportunity for a successful defense or dismissal.
Our Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorneys have represented clients in OVER 2,000 criminal cases, ranging from Possession of a "CDS" to Drug Trafficking.
Contact us today, for a FREE confidential case review.
Common Drugs in Oklahoma:
         Prescription – such as Valium, Loritab, Methadone and Oxycontin
         Street – such as Cocaine, Methamphetamine, “Ice,” and Marijuana
         Club – such as GHB (“G”), MDMA (“Ecstacy”)
 Common Misdemeanor Drug Charges:
         Possession of CDS – aka Simple Possession
         Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
         Possession of Imitation CDS – aka Turkey Dope
         Inhaling intoxicants – aka “Huffing”
Common Felony Drug Charges:
         Endeavoring (Conspiracy to commit any drug offense)
         Fraudulent prescription
         Possession of CDS
         Possession of CDS in the Presence of a Minor Child
         Possession of CDS with Intent to Distribute
         Possession of a Precursor
         Cultivation of CDS
         Production of CDS
         Manufacturing CDS / Aggravated Manufacturing CDS
         Possession of Proceeds
         Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
         Maintaining a Dwelling where CDS is Kept

Over 100 Criminal Case Dismissals

The Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers at Marco Palumbo & Associates are highly skilled, with vast experience in Drug Offense cases. Our law firm will work hard for you and defend your rights from arraignment through post-conviction proceedings. It is strongly recommended, that you contact us before you talk with the police, the district attorney, jail staff or anyone else .Time is critical, contact us today.

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